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The September Sweetie Box 2017 – Spring Themed

Sweetie Box is a monthly subscription box for those who adore all things sweet. The box costs about R269 per month excluding delivery fee. Delivery fees are generally worked out once you’ve filled in your address and other personal information. The Sign Up process is quite easy and all need to know information can be found on their site.

The 2017 September Sweetie Box

The theme for the September Sweetie box was ‘Spring’ and boy was it a refreshingly tasty box. Before you even open the box you know you can expect 3 x 500ml tubs filled with delicious candy as well as other loose treats and sweets to cover all the open spaces. It’s not a sweetie box if it isn’t overflowing with edible joy.

As it was my first box I didn’t entirely know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find it fully packed when I opened it. The 500ml tubs each contained the most delicious chewy treats which immediately caught the attention of my co-workers. Luckily I had the excuse of not opening it until I’ve photographed it for you my loyal readers… so thanks for saving me from losing out on my delicious treats ;P

Watermelon Slices

Let’s start with the Watermelon Slices – these delicious tiny chewies are tender and tangy pink candies that make you feel like you’re outside enjoying the sun on your face and the lush green grass between your toes. An added bonus is that they are covered in sugar to enhance the refreshing flavours.

Mini Reese’s Cup

Then there is the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Reese. These treats were a little more guilt-free seeing as you could argue their more waist friendly especially if you’re battling between stuffing your face and watching your waist line. I’m not even going to lie, it was the first tub I emptied…to be fair I did share, a little but it still counts.

The last tub in the box was filled with Blue Sharks. I’m still working on them as I’m trying to savour every bite. Definitely my favourite sweets in the box. Each bite is a burst of raspberry jelly flavour with a neutralising white marshmallow base. Sharks have never been so loved in their entire lives.

Blue Sharks

The box also included Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites which were a little disappointing. These nuggets are super popular in the USA but for the life of me I could not taste the Cookie Dough. For someone who loves cookie dough this would’ve been just as disappointing.

The Mini Pink Pies were not my favourite but were an absolute hit among my co-workers and loved ones. I had to fight them off just to get some decent pictures of the treats first. It’s delicious and each are individually wrapped which makes them a perfect lunch treat especially if you’re a mom who doesn’t have time. Basically these are bite sized biscuits with a strawberry cream filling coated in white chocolate. Sweetie Box suggested to enjoy them with tea but from the looks of it they can be enjoyed without any beverage at hand.

Mini Pink Pies

Roses Handmade Nougat was also a winner in the box. These are obviously handmade so you are guaranteed to taste the love put into them. The packaging was absolutely beautiful and the Nougat was delicious.

Finally, there was Cinnamon and white chocolate Hazelnut Brittle. If you’re in need of a quick sugar high then these treats are definitely the perfect solution. The Brittle is made by Nutters Brittle, a company who genuinely loves what they do a little more than they love pleasing their tasters.

Nutters Brittle

To round off the box there were a few white milk toffees added in which where a big hit among some co-workers and their kids.

The September Sweetie Box was my first but it will definitely not be my last. This box was not just a feast to the eyes but a flavour explosion to the taste buds. If you’re ever in need of something new, tasty and effortless the Sweetie Box is the subscription for you.

They genuinely put a lot of care into every single box from the packaging to filling the box. Unlike a few other subscription boxes it seems that they are more focused on providing chewy pleasure than saving where they can. The best part is that the box lasts long enough (if you hide it far away from household members) so you can enjoy a treat every day until your next box arrives at your doorstep.

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