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One of the events I was most excited for this year had to be the Vrouefees. It’s the first of its kind (that I know of) and celebrates all things related females. If you’re passionate about beauty, fashion, jewellery and self-care this was the event to be at.

Photo by Vrouefees

Granted it is a bit of a downer that the event is held in Afrikaans because personally I believe there is a wider audience to reach in the English language. However, the masterminds behind the event felt that Afrikaans is their home language and they want to celebrate womanhood in it.

The even took place on the 25th of September 2017 at D’aria Winery in Durbanville, Cape Town. Definitely worth the drive as you get to enter a relaxing mind-set on the drive there. I went to the event a little over two hours early as they boasted with a yummy goodie bag worth R2,500 for the first 150 to arrive.

Buying a ticket was a no-brainer with all the amazing prizes they were giving away even before the big day. The layout of the venue was perfect, it was spacious and minimalistic. Unlike the Clicks Curls Event you had a lot of space to move around in without worrying about stepping on someone’s toes.

Some of the best and most amazing local brands like Yellow Jewellery, Luna Intimates and Alex & Marla showed off their range at the event. It was incredibly difficult to remember it isn’t payday yet, in my case it was like setting a kid free in a candy store. I wanted it all!

The main reason for the event however was to show support for the Maria Home of Hope foundation. The foundation supports and houses women and children that have been through any sort of abuse or trauma and allows them to find peace while getting back on their feet. Attendees were also encouraged to bring donations such as old clothing, sanitary pads and toiletries in support of the foundation or make a cash/ EFT donation.

Photo by Vrouefees


This one definitely deserves its own category. It’s a well-known fact that we as women love goodie bags, free stuff and winning competitions. During the Vrouefees event there were prizes from MUD, SK Beauty, Khongboon SA and many more up for grabs. Before the event there was a two prizes up for grabs including a fabulous subscription box from Fond of Jane.

The prizes are all of high value and definitely worth more than the R280 you’d have to spend on your ticket. Unfortunately, it felt like the organizers favoured their friends, family and acquaintances when it came to selecting the winners. Some of their friends won three to four of the prizes. One other lucky lady managed to walk away with 3 prizes from the event. In all fairness it could’ve been luck of the draw but I believe in fairness. Everyone wants to be a winner but most of us hardly ever win. In my personal opinion I believe they should’ve alternated and chose different winners each time even if there weren’t hundreds of people there. That way a few ladies could’ve gone home with something great. It’s unethical and unfair to favour the ones you like, but as I said it might’ve been the luck of the draw.

The Goodie Bag

I was very impressed with their sneaky little goodie bag. On the website and Facebook event the first 150 were promised MUD makeup, vouchers from Ghd and Alex and Marla among other things. After examining the goodie bag I found that there were mainly vouchers and each of the 150 lucky ladies got 1 makeup item from MUD which is rather deceptive from what was promises on the site.

Overall the goodie bag is definitely worth more than the money spent on your event ticket BUT to gain something from your goodies you would still have to spend money. For instance with the impressive R500 gift voucher from GHD you would still need to spend at least R1,500 for a product. It’s a smart way to get such a massive grand total but it’s also not ideal if you’re not looking to spend money to claim your freebies. In some regards I’d compare it to online casinos.

The organizers of Vrouefees

The Speakers

The handsome JP Robberts, in the top 25 of Mr. South Africa, was the MC at the event and charmed all the ladies. He even chose two beautiful ladies to be his Cinderella’s for a few minutes before handing them a prize.

Mischka Patel, also a runner up in the Ms South Africa pageant, gave a moving and empowering speech at the event that had most of the attendees in tears. It’s truly beautiful to see women empathizing with each other instead of criticising one another.

There were also tons of informational demonstrations including a face peel by Dr. MariaanKuhn, a Make-Up demonstration from Marike and MUD cosmetics.

Photo by Vrouefees

At the end of the day

Vrouefees was an amazing event and I believe it has the potential to grow into something big over the next few years. I truly hope they warm up to the idea of hosting an English event too. If you missed out on the event and fabulous goodies there is some good news for you. They’ve already promised an event for 2018 so check them out on Facebook or Instagram and give them a like or a follow.

While I would like to see them grow, I also hope that next year they allow more women a chance to win. Of course I’d want to win three prizes myself but something about seeing excited women turn dull and gloomy because yet again it was their unlucky day wants me to go Oprah on the world and promise everyone a prize.

Cheers to 2018…

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