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Exploring Hallo Jane

If you haven’t heard of Hallo Jane then you might’ve been living under a rock for quite some time. This online store was launched in 2015 and has ever since grown into being one of the biggest and most well-known jewellery and decor online shops in South Africa.

Sterling Silver Cat Studs

About Hallo Jane

The mastermind behind Hallo Jane is Jaynie Niewoudt and what started out as a hobby turned into a successful online business. Hallo Jane is based in the small coastal town, Pringle Bay, situated in the Western Cape.

The inspiration for most of their designs are derived from all the beautiful things they lay their eyes upon. And if you live in Cape Town you know there is plenty to obtain inspiration from.

The Website

Website Preview

The website itself has a clean and simplistic lay-out that makes it easy for your eyes to find all the beautiful jewellery and décor on offer. If you have a jewellery or décor preference then you can quickly find the tab to the objects you desire on the left hand side of the screen.


If you have a love for your fur kids, your country or our national flower (the Protea) then Hallo Jane will tickle your fancy. Each and every item on the site is absolutely beautiful and the best part is that it is affordable so you won’t need to trade a kidney for an item or two on the site.

Hallo Jane designs and creates authentic and unique laser cut jewellery as well as décor. Their current range consists of laser cut bamboo, wood, leather, Plexiglas/Perspex. For fans who live and breathe South African spirit this site is an absolute gem. If you are from across the borders then buying one of the items available on this site will make you the talk of the town.

Bamboo Products


As mentioned before, the pricing of the items on this site is affordable for those in all salary brackets. The best part is that you’re getting more than your money’s worth, in most cases.

Faulty Products:

I was lucky enough to bag a bunch of items on my wish list at Hallo Jane with their fabulous Christmas in July sale. Not only did I score 60% off on the one day but also R250 off two days later. You’re damn right I splurged, what girl wouldn’t with such amazing discounts?

Unfortunately, the mismatched geometric bamboo earrings I bought were faulty. I didn’t wear them right away because I wanted to take pretty pictures to show off these amazing products. When I finally got all the images I needed I was ecstatic to start wearing my beautiful jewellery. The night after the second wear the sterling silver part of the earring came apart from the bamboo front. I was highly upset since I’m a sucker for anything bamboo and one of the only two pairs (shame I know) broke.

Now if you’re a frequent shopper you’ll know there are times when products are faulty. What matters is how the store deals with these issues. Hallo Jane knows how to treat customers, they addressed the matter in a timely fashion and offered to send me a new pair. Not only did I get a new pair, I also got a little surprise in my package. While the gift was deeply appreciated it wasn’t necessary. Each and every other necklace, bracelet and earring set I’ve bought at Hallo Jane was of perfect quality. Mistakes happen as we’re all human, but Hallo Jane definitely knows how to turn a sad situation into another joyous moment.


I pride myself in being honest, I want you to know what to expect from any and all brands I review. The delivery packaging of Hallo Jane is nothing to write home about. The real packaging magic is on the inside of the box. All the necklaces (yes there was more than one) I ordered was displayed on a beautiful wooden block. Each and every wooden piece had the name of the brand, necklace and the slogan that goes with it engraved on it. Truthfully it took me quite a long time to get it over my heart to discard these little necklace holders. They were so pretty, if you don’t believe me take a look below:

Protea Range

Customer Support:

How did I handle the situation? I contacted the friendly people from Hallo Jane of course. They are highly active on most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I opted for Facebook. If you’ve ever messaged Hallo Jane then you would know they have an automated reply informing you of their e-mail address on which you can contact them too. I didn’t, I chose to wait for a response. I received a response on Facebook about two days later where the Hallo Jane team requested that I email them. At first I was a little annoyed because that would mean I have to repeat what I had said in the Facebook message but finally realized that it might just be a way for them to keep track of contact especially when it comes to serious matters. Once I e-mailed them they had me sorted in no time and BONUS they sent me a new pair of the studs I wanted at no extra charge. Talk about quality service.

On a side note, you can go the route I went or you can email them directly at If you’re on their site you can head over to their contact page and fill in the contact form. The average time for response is about 24 hours which is not a long time to wait compared to other sites.

Geometric Bamboo Earrings

Last Thoughts?

Truth is even with the bit of disappointment I’d still buy from them in the future. Hallo Jane has some extraordinary designs and I love their creativity. My favourite items I bought from them has to be my Cat Silhouette Studs and my Mini Table Mountain Necklace. There are two things in this world I love more than shopping and exploring new online stores and that is my cat (as seen below) and my city.

Their site is simplistic and easy to navigate, the products are beautiful and their online presence is excellent. It’s clear that the creators behind Hallo Jane truly care about their users. During their Christmas in July sale in 2017 there were a bunch of customers upset because they weren’t fast enough to cash in on the limited discounts. After two or three days of upset customers flooding their page with messages Hallo Jane decided to end the discounts. It was a bummer because it was fun feeling competitive and waiting for that code to pop up at a certain time. It was a thrilling chase and it was all in good faith. It was admirable though that instead of disappointing their customers they decided to stop the discount chase.

Have you shopped at Hallo Jane before? Share your experience with your fellow online shoppers by dropping a comment below.

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