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Trouver Jewellery

The thing about being curious is that you are constantly in need of something new. As an avid shopper, The Curious Critic is most happy stumbling upon new and less known shops whether it be online or off. Trouver Jewellery is a baby online store that can easily kick dust in most competitor’s eyes. This online store was officially launched in June 2017 and has slowly but surely become a recognized name among South Africans.

About Trouver Jewellery

For a store to exist there has to be a passionate individual who’s put in hours of thought and work. Trouver was created by Tharo Bothes in June 2014 but only sold to friends and acquaintances at first. Interestingly Tharo has had years of experience not just in the South African Fashion industry but also Californian. She spent quite some time overseas working with massive fashion brands such as the award-winning Trovata.

When she finally came back to South Africa she continued to learn and grow by taking jewellery manufacturing classes at night. It was in these classes that her dream and Trouver was born.

The Website

Website Snapshot

The amazing thing about Trouver is that what you see is what you get. The website is simplistic, pure and clean making it a blissful almost Zen shopping experience. In some ways the sites simplicity gives you a preview of what you can expect in the jewellery design.

You’ll also notice that you can choose which currency you want to purchase in which is a nice edition and makes it possible for shoppers worldwide to buy with comfort.


Image by Trouver Jewellery

When you think of any of the rings, necklaces or earrings designed by Trouver you can expect minimalism and simplicity. Each and every piece is made using the lost wax casting method and then finished with hand. So in essence whenever you buy a product from Trouver, you buy something made with love and care.

Tharo, the owner and head designer, works with local craftsmen and suppliers to ensure that you get only the best on home ground. While the pieces might be simplistic they tend to make a statement. No matter what your Outfit of the Day is, you will be ready to rock with her sterling silver or brass coated jewellery.

Some of our favourite designs from Trouver is the Curva earrings and the Formado pendant. These beauties come with curves in all the right places and will leave you looking like a goddess. Most of the designs are unique and can’t be found at any other online stores, but there are scenarios where you can get something from Trouver that is similar to that created at one of the many other growing online jewellery store.

With a classic selection of pieces to choose from The Curious Critic fell in love with the Tiny Heart Ring. This piece is simplistic and looks beautiful on any finger. It was a tough choice considering that there are so many beautiful products to choose from but at the end of the day the sterling silver band with a tiny heart coated in brass just called out. Take a look at the beauty below:

Image by The Curious Critic


When it comes to the Price Range it is in the same class as most of the other online jewellery shops online. Considering that you get sterling silver products created by hand with love and extra care you are actually getting a bargain price. What’s nice about Trouver is that each and every product available is affordable. Whether you are a mom or fresh out of college you will be able to afford one or two pieces a month without breaking the bank. It’s especially nice seeing as the products will last forever. Sure you can go to any clothing store and purchase 5 rings at a lower price but the difference is that these can be worn out where as products bought from a quality store such as Trouver can last for years and years.


Shopping at Trouver brings little if not zero disappointments. If you don’t know your ring size you can cause your own disappointment by buying one a size or three too big (speaking out of experience here). Luckily Tharo is a legend and prides herself in giving excellent customer care. In very little time she will turn your disappointing frown into a smiling crown.

To avoid disappointment you can also head over to the sizing and care section on the site where you will get all the necessary information to place the correct order.


As with everything else the packaging of your Trouver jewellery pieces are simplistic and clean. You’ll receive a little white box with some beautiful white and green washi paper inside and your jewellery piece neatly displayed and kept safe in a tiny zip lock bag.

Image by Trouver Jewellery

Customer Support:

I’m going to be honest and say that I’m probably not their favourite shopper at the moment. I had a little issue as I bought a ring that was way too big for me. In my defence I lost a lot of weight recently and I still sometimes buy as if I’m still 20kgs heavier than I am.

Tharo was a real gem, she handled the situation like a lady and even went above and beyond to send me two different sized rings to see which one fit. At the end of the day I realized I’m not an O or an N ½ but a size L 1/2. It amazed me that Tharo did so much from her side, I even got a little hand written note from the big boss lady herself.

*Disclaimer: In no way did Tharo know I was writing a review about this experience. I bought and acted like a normal customer to get the same treatment anyone else would get.

If you ever have a problem with your order or anything related to a Trouver purchase you can contact the team via their Contact Form on their website or via e-mail. Seeing as we live in a technologically advance era you can also contact Trouver via Facebook or Instagram. As is the case with most online stores, Trouver is highly active on both social media platforms which makes communication easy and speedy.

Image by Trouver Jewellery

Last Thoughts?

If there is one store I’d shop at any day it is Trouver. I highly recommend them if you are looking for minimalistic, statement jewellery of excellent quality. The shopping experience is blissful and even a little exotic seeing as each product gets a unique name that describes the style. But you can read more of this on the Journal (interlink) section of the website.

I might not know Tharo personally but it genuinely feels like I was buying something from a friend. She treats all customers like they are part of her inner circle. Correct me if I am wrong but I’d rather shop from someone who cares about my order, my sizing and my satisfaction rather than someone who is just in it for the money.

If you want to see more of what Trouver has to offer you can visit them at Trust me when I say you won’t be sorry, I know I wasn’t.

** If you’ve shopped with Trouver before but had a different experience tell me about it below.

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