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A Monthly Sweetie Box
Subscription boxes are the latest trend. They are convenient, filled with goodies and delivered straight to your doorstep. If you are a shopping enthusiast like me with a need to spoil yourself from time to time then subscription boxes are ideal. You know what to expect but you never know exactly what you are going to get.

There are plenty of subscription boxes available both in South Africa and overseas. Of course you can get hundreds of subscription boxes overseas but South Africa is slowly but surely catching up. Home decor and treats seem to be the biggest focus of most boxes, and while that is amazing sometimes you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth and open yourself up to new flavours. If you’re thinking “Yes Please” then Sweetie Box is the subscription you need.

About Sweetie Box

Sweetie Box is a monthly subscription box packed to the brim with the most delicious sweets and treats. Each month around the 7th of the month you will be surprised with a themed sweetie box. The site was created by sweetie lovers who had one mission in mind and that is to satisfy the craving of fellow sweet toothed South Africans.

The Website

Website View

Sweetie Box has a bright, colourful and simplistic website layout that makes sure your eye is only caught by all the relevant details and sweetness. It’s easy to navigate and as a first time shopper you will have no problems understanding how it works or what to expect.

What’s in the Box?

Each month you will receive a box filled with delicious treats from various countries. Thus you get to satisfy your curiosity of outlandish treats while biting into uniquely flavoured treats. Each box is themed and all sweets packed inside are packed according to the theme.

If you’d like to find out more about what to expect read our review on the September Box or October Box… Don’t judge, it’s not a subscription worth cancelling. It’s a sweet, sweet sin we’re happily indulging in.

Overall you can expect to find three 500ml tubs jam packed with sweets. One artisanal homemade product and a variety of loose treats inside the box. The one thing you can be certain of is that there is zero space wastage and your box will be jam-packed with delicious goodness.

Image by Sweetie Box


Each and every box is professionally branded and packed to the brim. You don’t have to worry about treats falling out and the added bonus is that the treats remain a surprise until you remove the Washi Paper. The three tubs found inside can also be re-used for your tools, hair accessories or pretty much anything small and loose lying around.

It’s clear that the Sweetie Box owners genuinely love what they do and take great care in providing you not just with tasting pleasure but also a visually appealing delivery.

Customer Support

I honestly feel like I am selling this company to you but in truth I’ve just had a marvelous experience with them. Not only is the service fast, efficient and professional but so is the personal service. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram where they post regularly to keep you informed about deliveries and also tease you with treats from previous boxes. If you’re expecting to find spoilers from what’s to come don’t hold your breath, these sweet masters know how to keep a secret.

Most of the need to know information is on their site so you’ll never really have to deal with customer support. However, if at some point you choose to end your subscription or contact them with a question or query you can expect a swift response within 24 hours. As with all things they do the customer support is first class and you’ll end the conversation with a smile and a happy heart.

Image by Sweetie Box

Last Thoughts?

Sweetie Box is a highly recommended subscription box for anyone who loves sweet treats and discovering new things. The box is filled to the brim and you’ll never open it only to be left with disappointment.

The only thing to be weary of is that you have to unsubscribe at least a month before the next box arrives or you’ll have to pay for that box. On the bright side you get to tease yourself with just one more delicious box of goodness before you say goodbye to it.

If you’re trying to watch your weight stay away! You might think you have self-control but once you open that box and feast your eyes on all the delicious treats waiting for you there’s no going back.

Have any questions or queries?

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