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Feeling fabulous with Vintage Lover

One of the most difficult things to do is find an online shop that really ticks all the boxes. As a genuine lover of online shopping I’m constantly looking for a new online store to play at. I’ve followed Vintage Lover on Instagram for quite some time.

While I adore their images and quirky shirts I’ve never really bought anything from them. I’m a fanatic of all things Harry Potter which is what drove me to make my first purchase with Vintage Lover.

And boy was that an experience I want on repeat…seriously. The entire experience was similar to a birthday celebration or Christmas day.

About Store/ shop/

It’s so easy to shop at Vintage Lover and the best part is that there endless options. You can alternate between shopping for the most beautiful vintage pieces and new items. Then there is their T-shirt section where you can find a range of the best and funniest T-Shirts online. Their latest Harry Potter range is to die for and I’m looking to get my hands on a few of them too.

The Website

When you visit the website you’ll find the newest and most popular items displayed on the home page. What I love about Vintage Lover is that they have categories for everything from jackets to headbands and sunglasses. If you love the old school sunglasses then you’ll find them here.

If you know what you are looking for you can simply visit the category of choice and browse to your hearts content. It’s a simplistically designed site that’s easy to navigate and the search function runs smoothly.


I’ve always been weary of buying clothes online simply because I know one size might work in one store but it won’t necessarily work in another. When I saw the Harry Potter shirts I simply had to give it a go. I ordered a size bigger just to be safe. As an eager beaver for receiving more I started browsing through their other categories and I found a Deathly Hallows necklace. What I love about Vintage Lover is that they don’t give you the whole “one size fits all” spiel. In terms of necklaces they give you different lengths for the chain which is a win in my book. I got the longest length necklace chain and it was the best decision for my dressing style.

The T-shirts I ordered and the necklace was of the highest quality and the sizing is actually on point.


Vintage Lover is one of those online stores that has something that fits everyone’s budget. Some items are a bit more expensive but that comes with the type of product purchased or the material used. Items are reasonably priced and the quality that goes with it is great. Definitely the best pricing you’ll get for branded shirts, vintage clothing and branded jewellery.


This is the part I’m most excited to share with you as it’s the biggest reason for my excitement when it comes to Vintage Lover. On the one hand I don’t want to spoil it for you but on the other hand I want to share the experience so you too can get excited about your first or next purchase at Vintage Lover.

The items were shipped quickly after the order was made and came a few days later. For someone like me delivery days are like Christmas but this one was extra special. The packaging is absolutely beautiful and Vintage Lover has shown that you can make something simplistic look like a million bucks. The Shirts were wrapped in washi tape and then put in a protective plastic sleeve. Inside the package was my neatly folded new shirts, a handwritten note and a few extra surprises. I won’t ruin that part for you but just know Vintage Lover makes every order extra special.

Last thoughts

Shopping online is always fun but other variables like delivery, customer service and packaging can really ruin the experience. Vintage Lover ticks all the right boxes and makes shopping online simple, easy and extra special.

I’m constantly browsing their site, eagerly looking for more clothes and jewellery I can order. All just so I can wait for delivery day. They have a wide variety of clothing which is perfect for different occasions including festivals. Each and every item is treated with care and delivered in mint condition.

I adore Vintage Lover as you can see and I will continue to purchase from them just to get that birthday/Christmas feel. Have you shopped with them before? Share your experience?

Have any questions or queries?

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