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The October Sweetie box 2017 – Halloween Themed

When subscribing to the Sweetie Box you are guaranteed to receive a box filled to the brim with the most delicious treats each month. The most exciting thing is that you never know what you’re going to get until the box arrives.

One of my favourite things about the Sweetie Box is that every month is themed and for October all sweets and treats were Halloween themed. This was my second box from the Sweetie Box and I only fell in love with this subscription box a little more.

What’s in the box?

As soon as you open this box you are greeted by bold colours and funky theme related sweets. As mentioned in the September Sweetie Box review there are 3 tubs of 500ml filled with sweets. In the Halloween Box the tubs were filled with Zombie Brains, Orange Pumpkins and Jolly Rancher Tic Tac Toe’s.

The Zombie Brains were red and blue and while they looked a little strange they were absolutely delicious. The blue brains tasted a lot like the blue sharks from the previous box so they were immediately considered a favourite for me. The blue brains was raspberry flavoured and the red brains were blueberry flavoured. The red and blue jelly was lined with a spongy white marshmallow base making them even yummier.

The Orange Pumpkins were met with mixed reviews by many of the friends and family I shared it with. These funky looking sweeties are basically marshmallow flavoured pumpkin candies that are made from real honey. For me it was the ‘healthiest’ and yummiest of all as it was something different from any other sweets I’ve ever tasted. For others the texture and the taste was just not something they could get used to. That’s another thing I like about Sweetie Box, they add so much variety and new treats that you get introduced to new tastes each month.

The Jolly Rancher Tic Tac Toe’s were naughts and crosses shaped jellies all the way from the USA. These jellies cam in four different flavours namely Watermelon, Cherry, Fruit Punch and Strawberry. My favourite thing about these is that the people from Sweetie Box were nice enough to add a mini Tic Tac Toe board game. You literally had permission from the creators to play with your sweets before eating them.

And then there were a bunch of others yummy treats in the box such as Cream Soda Float Popcorn, Ruger Wafers, Strawberry Twizzlers, Orange Pies and Spree Candy. The Cream Soda Float Popcorn was caramel flavoured popcorn drizzled with cream soda chocolate. Can you say flavour explosion?

The Ruger Wafers are made in the Austrian Alps by artisans using old world recipes. These were definitely a hit among my Sweetie Box friends and they are considered to be the crème del a crème. The Strawberry Twizzlers are found in most local shops and are among the most preferred sweets for kids and adults. You also received a range of Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Grape and Apple flavoured Spree Candy. Each came individually wrapped which made them ideal to add to the lunchbox as a little surprise treat.

And finally there was the Orange Pies, if you read the September Box Review you would’ve learned about the Pink Pies. This time we got Orange Mini Pies and they were just as delicious. These bite size biscuits have an orange cream filling and are coated with white chocolate. These are in a winner in the office during your tea break or just as a quick snack.

Again I was pleasantly surprise by the vast variety of sweet treats that came with the box. Considering you pay R269 per month for a monthly subscription with Sweetie Box you get more than you pay for when comparing how much you’d pay in the shops for each of these individual items. Not to mention some of the sweets are locally made while others are from across the world.

So far the Sweetie Box is definitely a subscription box I’d highly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth or kids at home. One box can last an entire month and as soon as it’s done you’re new box will be on the way.

Head over to Sweetie Box and subscribe for your monthly dose of sweetness and fun.

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