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The Book Case April Pop-Up Box – End of Summer Party

Subscription boxes always bring me joy. They’re little boxes packed with plenty of mysterious goodies. One of my favourite subscription boxes is The Book Case. There’s always a fun theme, an interesting book and plenty of collectible goodies.

When I heard about the End of Summer Party pop-up box I couldn’t resist but to order and swipe. Especially since it was promised to be a box filled with things stationary lovers will enjoy.

What was in the Box?

One thing about The Book Case boxes is that they are always packed with exciting goodies you can enjoy. Each box features one must-read book as well as a few exciting bookish goodies. The goodies in your box are normally selected according to the theme and the featured book.

The theme of the April Pop-Up box was End of Summer Party which made it a light, colourful and exciting box.

It contained a gorgeous Metallic 90’s Summer Notebook, a fun and bright Pineapple Light, Flamingo Stickers from Natures Grace, a Unicorn Pen from Polly Potters Toy Shop and a Summertime Memo-pad and Clipboard.

With your box you get a post-card with all the bookish goodies listed, what’s nice about this is that you can also see where some of your local goodies are sourced from. This makes it easier to stock up on more if the need arises.

And of course it wouldn’t be The Book Case without a must-read book in it.

Field Notes on Love – By Jennifer E. Smith

This highly recommended rom-com is a young adult story about finding love in the most unlikely of places. It’s about a guy who booked a train trip across the United States for him and his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately his girlfriend turned into his ex and the extra ticket was under her name.

What’s a guy to do? So Hugo does what any sane person would do and posts about the ticket online. Margaret, an aspiring filmmaker, finds the ad online and convinced it’s the perfect opportunity to expand her horizons she responds.

The two strangers end up going on a surprising adventure together and finds love in an unexpected place. With the trip almost coming to an end there is a little thing called reality threatening to burst their little bubble of joy. Will this love last?

Pop-Up Boxes

There are the regular book cases that get delivered once a month, each with a fun theme, a highly anticipated novel and between 3 and 5 bookish surprises. The regular book cases will cost you about R480 per box.

Then there are the occasional pop-up boxes such as the End of Summer Party box. These boxes are generally something fun and exciting. What’s nice about The Book Case is that Natasha is always looking for ways to ensure anyone can purchase the boxes.

The Pop-Up boxes tend to cost less which makes them something everyone can enjoy. I for one can’t wait for the next Harry Potter House Edition box which will be announced later this month.


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