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Rediscovering the brand that inspired many childhood dreams…

Lizzy has been one of my favourite brands since teenage days. I was obsessed with becoming a beach bum, learning to surf and becoming the ultimate surfing babe.

Now I live near the ocean but still not a surfing babe. It’s one the bucket list if I can get over the fear of getting eaten or chased by sharks.

Over the years the market has filled with plenty of clothing brands and Lizzy somehow slipped off my Radar until very recently.

A week or so ago I was lucky enough to win a few Lizzy items and was reminded of why I fell in love with the brand in the first place.

Their clothing is top of the line and caters for young and old. I am obsessed with my new Mirian Ladies Beanie. It’s so pretty and will definitely be a fashionable add on to all winter outfits.

The main reason I rekindled my love affair with Lizzy is their secret socks… Wait What? I know it sounds crazy but until recently I hated secret socks. They always seem to slip off while walking and always annoy me on hikes or active sessions.

With my prize I received two pairs of Lizzy secret socks and I’m definitely purchasing more. These secret socks might seem ordinary but when you look inside you’ll find an inner heel silicone insert.

Basically these inner heel silicone inserts prevent the socks from slipping off and ensure you get to enjoy all activities without having to pull your socks back up.

You can purchase a pair at R29.99 from their online store and there are different colours available for both men and women.

Shop their end of range sale

I think I got a little too excited because currently I’m stalking the brand for all sales and new product releases.

Which might be a good thing because their End of Range sale is offering you superb products at up to 40% off. The sale is on men’s, ladies and kids apparel and will continue until the 5th of June.

It might be winter but you’ll be able to purchase new swimwear for amazing prices before summer. With payday around the corner it’s the perfect time to add to card and stock up on amazing goodies.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast then the secret socks are a must-add. These aren’t on sale but at R29.99 a pair they’re a steal.

New Releases

Nowadays most people are promoting going green and making conscious decisions to save the planet. If you believe in zero waste and reusable items then you’ll love the Lizzy/ Lizzard flasks section.

You’ll find flasks in different sizes and colours that can be used on the go to get your coffee fill. They also have a stainless steel straw set with a straw cleaner. These are perfect to keep in your bag and use at restaurants or events. Do your part in saving the planet by declining one plastic straw at a time.

My next must-buy from Lizzy/ Lizzard is their new Tumblers. These double walled stainless steel cups come in two sizes: 240ml and 350ml.

The gorgeous black design will be perfect for those Instagram captures and the flask is ideal for camping or taking your coffee on the go when running late for work.

These cups can hold anything from water to wine and guarantee no flavor transfer. The cup is made from 18/8 stainless steel which is the highest quality and gives the cup lifetime durability.

Head over to Lizzy/Lizzard and shop the new tumblers now. Don’t forget to take a peek at their amazing end of range products on sale now.

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