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Coffee Drops Co. Subscription Box – Volume 01

The masses will tell you that coffee is life. For me this is very accurate, I’m not a pleasant person until after I’ve had my first coffee for the day.

When I heard about the Coffee Drops Co. Subscription box I had to try it. A box that allows you to taste coffees from different roasters each month? Yes please! So I did what all subscription box and coffee lovers would do, I ordered a box immediately.

First Impressions

When I got my first box from Coffee Drops Co. I fell in love. It’s a small little box with 4 x 80g coffee bags each from a different local roaster. Supporting local is a huge deal right now so it’s amazing to find a coffee subscription box focused on bringing you coffee from local roasters.

I loved that each coffee bag is labeled with the roasters details on it. And what’s nice about it is that if you loved one in particular you can go on the website and order that specific coffee directly from Coffee Drops Co.

What’s in the box?

Each box contains 4 x 80g coffee bags and on when placing your order you can choose whether you want beans or ground coffee. I crave freshly grounded coffee so like the coffee snob I am I ordered the beans.

In Volume 1 of the Coffee Drops Co. subscription box there was coffee from Merkava, Rock & Roller, Alchemy and Run Rabbit Run. I had so much fun trying different coffees every week. I have to say my favourite was the Rock & Roller Old School blend. Maybe it’s because I’m a rock child at heart or just purely because it was a taste sensation. All the coffee bags provide you with the name of the roaster, the blend as well as information on the coffee.

Then you also get a unique postcard, the option of comparing your tasting experience and delivery included in the price.

Something Different

I truly believe that Coffee Drops Co. love what they do. They have a different and fresh approach to the whole coffee subscription box. They keep things pure and simple with the focus being on the coffees alone.

They also allow you to review your coffee tasting experience on each of the four coffees added in the box. To leave a review you can simply follow the short-link on each coffee bag and write down your thoughts for other coffee lovers to find. They’re not just providing us with great coffee options but building a community of coffee lovers.

Value for Money?

If you’re looking for the cheapest ground or bean coffee bags on the market then the Coffee Drops Co. subscription might not seem like the best option. But considering that you pay R279 to try coffee from 4 different roasters as well as the delivery I would definitely say it is value for money.

The Coffee Drops Co. subscription has made it possible for coffee lovers to truly explore a wide range of coffees from different roasters. There are so many local roasters you don’t know about, meaning there are even more coffee blends you haven’t had the chance to try. With Coffee Drops Co. you get to try these coffees and discover new roasters without having to do an in-depth internet search or extensive trip across the city.

If you are a coffee purist and you genuinely love trying new coffee blends or discovering local roasters then it’s certainly a bargain. They do all the work and you just have to wait 2-3 days for delivery and enjoy a month’s worth of new coffee blends.

It’s a Yes from me!

You can probably sell me anything coffee related or in the shape of a subscription box and I’d find something to love about it. Mostly I love that subscription boxes are filled with random goodies, which I sometimes never even use.

With Coffee Drops Co. my first thought was “Where is the goodies?” but the more I thought about it the more I fell in love with their simplistic approach. They don’t blind you with tons of goodies you’ll probably never even use.

They provide you with an affordable coffee subscription box filled with different coffee blends from local roasters. Nothing else, just that. A simple, clean subscription box dedicated to providing coffee lovers with their morning fix.

What are your thoughts?

Have you every purchased a box from Coffee Drops Co.? What was your take on what you received? Any similar or different experiences? Tell me all about it in the comments below, even if our opinions differ we might help another curious shopper decide if they want to add to cart or give it a skip.

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