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A Monthly Coffee Tasting Fantasy

Coffee Drops Co. Subscription Box – Volume 01

The masses will tell you that coffee is life. For me this is very accurate, I’m not a pleasant person until after I’ve had my first coffee for the day.

When I heard about the Coffee Drops Co. Subscription box I had to try it. A box that allows you to taste coffees from different roasters each month? Yes please! So I did what all subscription box and coffee lovers would do, I ordered a box immediately.

First Impressions

When I got my first box from Coffee Drops Co. I fell in love. It’s a small little box with 4 x 80g coffee bags each from a different local roaster. Supporting local is a huge deal right now so it’s amazing to find a coffee subscription box focused on bringing you coffee from local roasters.

I loved that each coffee bag is labeled with the roasters details on it. And what’s nice about it is that if you loved one in particular you can go on the website and order that specific coffee directly from Coffee Drops Co.

What’s in the box?

Each box contains 4 x 80g coffee bags and on when placing your order you can choose whether you want beans or ground coffee. I crave freshly grounded coffee so like the coffee snob I am I ordered the beans.

In Volume 1 of the Coffee Drops Co. subscription box there was coffee from Merkava, Rock & Roller, Alchemy and Run Rabbit Run. I had so much fun trying different coffees every week. I have to say my favourite was the Rock & Roller Old School blend. Maybe it’s because I’m a rock child at heart or just purely because it was a taste sensation. All the coffee bags provide you with the name of the roaster, the blend as well as information on the coffee.

Then you also get a unique postcard, the option of comparing your tasting experience and delivery included in the price.

Something Different

I truly believe that Coffee Drops Co. love what they do. They have a different and fresh approach to the whole coffee subscription box. They keep things pure and simple with the focus being on the coffees alone.

They also allow you to review your coffee tasting experience on each of the four coffees added in the box. To leave a review you can simply follow the short-link on each coffee bag and write down your thoughts for other coffee lovers to find. They’re not just providing us with great coffee options but building a community of coffee lovers.

Value for Money?

If you’re looking for the cheapest ground or bean coffee bags on the market then the Coffee Drops Co. subscription might not seem like the best option. But considering that you pay R279 to try coffee from 4 different roasters as well as the delivery I would definitely say it is value for money.

The Coffee Drops Co. subscription has made it possible for coffee lovers to truly explore a wide range of coffees from different roasters. There are so many local roasters you don’t know about, meaning there are even more coffee blends you haven’t had the chance to try. With Coffee Drops Co. you get to try these coffees and discover new roasters without having to do an in-depth internet search or extensive trip across the city.

If you are a coffee purist and you genuinely love trying new coffee blends or discovering local roasters then it’s certainly a bargain. They do all the work and you just have to wait 2-3 days for delivery and enjoy a month’s worth of new coffee blends.

It’s a Yes from me!

You can probably sell me anything coffee related or in the shape of a subscription box and I’d find something to love about it. Mostly I love that subscription boxes are filled with random goodies, which I sometimes never even use.

With Coffee Drops Co. my first thought was “Where is the goodies?” but the more I thought about it the more I fell in love with their simplistic approach. They don’t blind you with tons of goodies you’ll probably never even use.

They provide you with an affordable coffee subscription box filled with different coffee blends from local roasters. Nothing else, just that. A simple, clean subscription box dedicated to providing coffee lovers with their morning fix.

What are your thoughts?

Have you every purchased a box from Coffee Drops Co.? What was your take on what you received? Any similar or different experiences? Tell me all about it in the comments below, even if our opinions differ we might help another curious shopper decide if they want to add to cart or give it a skip.

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A Bookish Party to end off the Summer

The Book Case April Pop-Up Box – End of Summer Party

Subscription boxes always bring me joy. They’re little boxes packed with plenty of mysterious goodies. One of my favourite subscription boxes is The Book Case. There’s always a fun theme, an interesting book and plenty of collectible goodies.

When I heard about the End of Summer Party pop-up box I couldn’t resist but to order and swipe. Especially since it was promised to be a box filled with things stationary lovers will enjoy.

What was in the Box?

One thing about The Book Case boxes is that they are always packed with exciting goodies you can enjoy. Each box features one must-read book as well as a few exciting bookish goodies. The goodies in your box are normally selected according to the theme and the featured book.

The theme of the April Pop-Up box was End of Summer Party which made it a light, colourful and exciting box.

It contained a gorgeous Metallic 90’s Summer Notebook, a fun and bright Pineapple Light, Flamingo Stickers from Natures Grace, a Unicorn Pen from Polly Potters Toy Shop and a Summertime Memo-pad and Clipboard.

With your box you get a post-card with all the bookish goodies listed, what’s nice about this is that you can also see where some of your local goodies are sourced from. This makes it easier to stock up on more if the need arises.

And of course it wouldn’t be The Book Case without a must-read book in it.

Field Notes on Love – By Jennifer E. Smith

This highly recommended rom-com is a young adult story about finding love in the most unlikely of places. It’s about a guy who booked a train trip across the United States for him and his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately his girlfriend turned into his ex and the extra ticket was under her name.

What’s a guy to do? So Hugo does what any sane person would do and posts about the ticket online. Margaret, an aspiring filmmaker, finds the ad online and convinced it’s the perfect opportunity to expand her horizons she responds.

The two strangers end up going on a surprising adventure together and finds love in an unexpected place. With the trip almost coming to an end there is a little thing called reality threatening to burst their little bubble of joy. Will this love last?

Pop-Up Boxes

There are the regular book cases that get delivered once a month, each with a fun theme, a highly anticipated novel and between 3 and 5 bookish surprises. The regular book cases will cost you about R480 per box.

Then there are the occasional pop-up boxes such as the End of Summer Party box. These boxes are generally something fun and exciting. What’s nice about The Book Case is that Natasha is always looking for ways to ensure anyone can purchase the boxes.

The Pop-Up boxes tend to cost less which makes them something everyone can enjoy. I for one can’t wait for the next Harry Potter House Edition box which will be announced later this month.


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The October Sweetie box 2017 – Halloween Themed

When subscribing to the Sweetie Box you are guaranteed to receive a box filled to the brim with the most delicious treats each month. The most exciting thing is that you never know what you’re going to get until the box arrives.

One of my favourite things about the Sweetie Box is that every month is themed and for October all sweets and treats were Halloween themed. This was my second box from the Sweetie Box and I only fell in love with this subscription box a little more.

What’s in the box?

As soon as you open this box you are greeted by bold colours and funky theme related sweets. As mentioned in the September Sweetie Box review there are 3 tubs of 500ml filled with sweets. In the Halloween Box the tubs were filled with Zombie Brains, Orange Pumpkins and Jolly Rancher Tic Tac Toe’s.

The Zombie Brains were red and blue and while they looked a little strange they were absolutely delicious. The blue brains tasted a lot like the blue sharks from the previous box so they were immediately considered a favourite for me. The blue brains was raspberry flavoured and the red brains were blueberry flavoured. The red and blue jelly was lined with a spongy white marshmallow base making them even yummier.

The Orange Pumpkins were met with mixed reviews by many of the friends and family I shared it with. These funky looking sweeties are basically marshmallow flavoured pumpkin candies that are made from real honey. For me it was the ‘healthiest’ and yummiest of all as it was something different from any other sweets I’ve ever tasted. For others the texture and the taste was just not something they could get used to. That’s another thing I like about Sweetie Box, they add so much variety and new treats that you get introduced to new tastes each month.

The Jolly Rancher Tic Tac Toe’s were naughts and crosses shaped jellies all the way from the USA. These jellies cam in four different flavours namely Watermelon, Cherry, Fruit Punch and Strawberry. My favourite thing about these is that the people from Sweetie Box were nice enough to add a mini Tic Tac Toe board game. You literally had permission from the creators to play with your sweets before eating them.

And then there were a bunch of others yummy treats in the box such as Cream Soda Float Popcorn, Ruger Wafers, Strawberry Twizzlers, Orange Pies and Spree Candy. The Cream Soda Float Popcorn was caramel flavoured popcorn drizzled with cream soda chocolate. Can you say flavour explosion?

The Ruger Wafers are made in the Austrian Alps by artisans using old world recipes. These were definitely a hit among my Sweetie Box friends and they are considered to be the crème del a crème. The Strawberry Twizzlers are found in most local shops and are among the most preferred sweets for kids and adults. You also received a range of Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Grape and Apple flavoured Spree Candy. Each came individually wrapped which made them ideal to add to the lunchbox as a little surprise treat.

And finally there was the Orange Pies, if you read the September Box Review you would’ve learned about the Pink Pies. This time we got Orange Mini Pies and they were just as delicious. These bite size biscuits have an orange cream filling and are coated with white chocolate. These are in a winner in the office during your tea break or just as a quick snack.

Again I was pleasantly surprise by the vast variety of sweet treats that came with the box. Considering you pay R269 per month for a monthly subscription with Sweetie Box you get more than you pay for when comparing how much you’d pay in the shops for each of these individual items. Not to mention some of the sweets are locally made while others are from across the world.

So far the Sweetie Box is definitely a subscription box I’d highly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth or kids at home. One box can last an entire month and as soon as it’s done you’re new box will be on the way.

Head over to Sweetie Box and subscribe for your monthly dose of sweetness and fun.

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The September Sweetie Box 2017 – Spring Themed

Sweetie Box is a monthly subscription box for those who adore all things sweet. The box costs about R269 per month excluding delivery fee. Delivery fees are generally worked out once you’ve filled in your address and other personal information. The Sign Up process is quite easy and all need to know information can be found on their site.

The 2017 September Sweetie Box

The theme for the September Sweetie box was ‘Spring’ and boy was it a refreshingly tasty box. Before you even open the box you know you can expect 3 x 500ml tubs filled with delicious candy as well as other loose treats and sweets to cover all the open spaces. It’s not a sweetie box if it isn’t overflowing with edible joy.

As it was my first box I didn’t entirely know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find it fully packed when I opened it. The 500ml tubs each contained the most delicious chewy treats which immediately caught the attention of my co-workers. Luckily I had the excuse of not opening it until I’ve photographed it for you my loyal readers… so thanks for saving me from losing out on my delicious treats ;P

Watermelon Slices

Let’s start with the Watermelon Slices – these delicious tiny chewies are tender and tangy pink candies that make you feel like you’re outside enjoying the sun on your face and the lush green grass between your toes. An added bonus is that they are covered in sugar to enhance the refreshing flavours.

Mini Reese’s Cup

Then there is the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Reese. These treats were a little more guilt-free seeing as you could argue their more waist friendly especially if you’re battling between stuffing your face and watching your waist line. I’m not even going to lie, it was the first tub I emptied…to be fair I did share, a little but it still counts.

The last tub in the box was filled with Blue Sharks. I’m still working on them as I’m trying to savour every bite. Definitely my favourite sweets in the box. Each bite is a burst of raspberry jelly flavour with a neutralising white marshmallow base. Sharks have never been so loved in their entire lives.

Blue Sharks

The box also included Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites which were a little disappointing. These nuggets are super popular in the USA but for the life of me I could not taste the Cookie Dough. For someone who loves cookie dough this would’ve been just as disappointing.

The Mini Pink Pies were not my favourite but were an absolute hit among my co-workers and loved ones. I had to fight them off just to get some decent pictures of the treats first. It’s delicious and each are individually wrapped which makes them a perfect lunch treat especially if you’re a mom who doesn’t have time. Basically these are bite sized biscuits with a strawberry cream filling coated in white chocolate. Sweetie Box suggested to enjoy them with tea but from the looks of it they can be enjoyed without any beverage at hand.

Mini Pink Pies

Roses Handmade Nougat was also a winner in the box. These are obviously handmade so you are guaranteed to taste the love put into them. The packaging was absolutely beautiful and the Nougat was delicious.

Finally, there was Cinnamon and white chocolate Hazelnut Brittle. If you’re in need of a quick sugar high then these treats are definitely the perfect solution. The Brittle is made by Nutters Brittle, a company who genuinely loves what they do a little more than they love pleasing their tasters.

Nutters Brittle

To round off the box there were a few white milk toffees added in which where a big hit among some co-workers and their kids.

The September Sweetie Box was my first but it will definitely not be my last. This box was not just a feast to the eyes but a flavour explosion to the taste buds. If you’re ever in need of something new, tasty and effortless the Sweetie Box is the subscription for you.

They genuinely put a lot of care into every single box from the packaging to filling the box. Unlike a few other subscription boxes it seems that they are more focused on providing chewy pleasure than saving where they can. The best part is that the box lasts long enough (if you hide it far away from household members) so you can enjoy a treat every day until your next box arrives at your doorstep.

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